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Seeing Beyond the Moment

It’s always been an honour for HyperActive to work with Canada’s international development non-profit community. We’ve had life-changing experiences shooting in some incredibly interesting parts of the world, and we’ve met some amazing, inspiring people as we’ve covered community development programs.

Naturally, we jumped at the chance to help Canadian Hunger Foundation. This extraordinary, all-Canadian agency, started over half a century ago by the Hon. Mitchell Sharp, legendary MP and Cabinet Minister, develops and delivers sensible community development solutions around the world. Well, maybe it’s more a case of “facilitates” than delivers, as CHF empowers local people to develop locally-generated solutions that change lives and communities.

CHF’s current focus is on the development of broader engagement with Canadians as a new generation of donors and volunteers come "on line", so our challenge was to compress the mission, mandate, and culture of the organization into a very short, very powerful video. We built a simple, poetic script, and used CHF's wonderful photographic assets, all set to an original Edmund Eagen soundtrack.